Compliance Officers of Growing Importance in Corporate World

Compliance officers help to make sure companies stay on track and follow the rules. Federal compliance officers have not been around a long time, and the description of their job is not known to many. The profession has grown out of decades of officers who have different functions, from audits to risk assessment. The job seems to have become more streamlined in recent years.

The most heavily regulated industries, such as banking, insurance, and gaming, have caused the need for this field to become more streamlined. Compliance offers handle a variety of tasks, like big items and the day to day. Larger tasks could include licenses for the business. The day to day items may include making sure the cameras are changed or work permits are up to date.

Many people misunderstand the role of a compliance officer. The myth that they make up rules and are there to punish is not true. Their job is to make sure companies follow guidelines. Compliance officers are now becoming a recognized field. Before they were just pulled from accounting or legal.

Universities are starting to have degrees where people can learn the technical skills needed to become a compliance officer. This job requires more than just book smarts, because a compliance officer needs to have people skills and be able to influence a company. Compliance officers help to fix problems that are found in paperwork and other regulated items.

Helane Morrison is an experience Chief Compliance Officer and counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She worked for the United States Securities and Exchanges Commissions from 1999-2007. As Regional Director and Direct Administrator, she oversaw the compliance operations of North California and five northwest states. Her work saw her promoted to the head of enforcement for the San Fransisco office.

Ms. Morrison has vast legal experience contributes to her stellar work as a compliance officer. She has worked in private practice Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin where she was elevated to partner. She has also worked as a clerk to Supreme Court Judges. She is an educated, experienced professional, who is working to making compliance officers a top notch field.

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