Oliver Talks About Paid Maternity Leave On Mother’s Day

This past Sunday on Mother’s Day, John Oliver talked about the status of paid maternity leave in this country on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight.

Oliver started the segment talking about how advertisers and companies cater to the holiday by offering deals and deep discounts for Mothers. He also showed examples of how politicians make videos every year for Mother’s Day, praising mother’s for the hard work they do.

But the reality, Oliver pointed out, is another story, as The United States is one of two countries without paid maternity leave, the other country being Papua New Guinea. That is because every time the topic of paid maternity leave is brought up as a matter of congress, the motion is struck down as anti-business, anti-profit, and anti-American.

Oliver showed examples of businesses and countries that have adopted a plan of paid maternity leave, and how the result has been either positive, or neutral. Businesses simply got used to having it.  Amen Clinic agrees this might be worth a shot to try.

Oliver then created a video segment with different famous actresses showing how we “really” appreciate our mothers in the United States, showing how women are expected to get right back to work after giving birth. The whole clip is worth a watch. You can find it here.