Keep Them From Smoking Young

Many people realize that smoking is something that is very detrimental to their health. In spite of that fact Brad Reifler mentioned to Reuters that many young ones begin to smoke. Statistics show that the average smoker started smoking before he or she was 21 years old. Since that is the case Hawaii is a state that is doing something to prevent youths from smoking. Hawaii is the first state in the United States that has raised the smoking age to 21. This law will go into effect on January 1, 2016. This is an effort to control tobacco use in Hawaii.

In the majority of states the average smoking age is 18 years old, and even though many youths begin to smoke before they are even even 18, making it illegal adds a different spin to the issue. Tobacco use kills about 1400 people every year and it cost an average of $526 million in medical bills annually in Hawaii. In reality cigarette smoking is the main cause of preventable death in all of our country. Much research has shown that raising the minimum age for tobacco will do much to reduce the amount of smoking and the amount of diseases related to smoking in our country.

Even though the amount of smokers in United States has drastically gone down since 1964, in reality there are still too many people out there that smoke. There is tons of research that is and has been done to show the devastating effects of smoking, but in the end each and every individual does what he or she thinks is best for her or him. With that being the case the state can only do so much to prevent a person from smoking, but it is still a very laudable act to try to do all that a country can to prevent youth and smoking.