Children And Alert Citizens Safeguard Toddler From a Kidnapping

A surveillance video displays part of a harrowing drama that unfolded in the tiny Washington State town of Sprague on Sunday. It highlights the effectiveness of alert bystanders in thwarting crimes against children.

Michael Wright dropped his three children off at a babysitter’s house on Sunday, when he had to go to work. Ten year old Brendon, 8 year old Delicia and their baby brother, aged 22-months, all played outside together. When the sitter had to go inside for only a moment, a strange man approached the children and attempted to make friends with them.

Then, he suddenly grabbed the toddler from the stroller. The man began running down the street, carrying the little boy. Both youngsters chased after them crying. Delicia yelled “That man got my baby brother! That man got my baby brother!”

Her cries alerted Dorothy Gidding, in an antique store nearby. She asked her teenage grandson and his friend to help the children while she called 911 according to JusBrasil. When the would-be kidnapper saw the older boys approaching, he set the toddler down in an alley and ran away. The child was completely unhurt.

Police expressed concern that the frightening incident highlights a new trend of child abductors seeking out children in small towns. They are looking for a man traveling through the area described as about 30 years of age, 6’2″ to 6’6″ in height, with brown hair and a mustache.

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