Children Starting Yoga From North American Spine

North American Spine is a provide of a minimal invasion spine procedure that helps greatly with chronic back pain. In Dallas, TX, they donated 50 yoga mats to very young school age children as an outreach program at Robert E. Lee Elementary School.

Prevention off course is the best cure for this thus starting these children into yoga. This provider highly recommends that after three hours of sitting that you must stand or lay down. Sitting for prolonged periods without changing positions creates a heavy stress on the spinal disks. This improves blood flow to the spinal disks. Stretching also helps immensely since stretching is also part of yoga. A daily routine is very important.

The children who received the yoga mats are all either Pre-K age or kindergarten age who are mentally challenged and they attended a specialized yoga class upon receiving the mats. Yoga is great for mind and body. It is one of the most ancient forms of exercise adapted from the Eastern cultures. Yoga has received trending popularity in the Western countries in modern times. Many board certified physicians highly recommend this form of exercise.

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