Choosing the Right Purina Dog Food for Your Pet

You love your dog, and he or she is probably almost a part of the family. Pets have a way into people’s hearts that really is amazing. As a result, you know that you want to give your dog the best possible food. You want food that will give him energy, keep him healthy and that he’ll enjoy.

These days, you have better options than ever. For instance, consider Purina’s new Beneful dog food line. It’s made specifically for dogs who love to play, so it’s high in energy. It makes sure that they never tire out. A long day of playing ball in the yard is now possible! Beneful contains the real meat that dogs need, with chicken, beef, port and lamb. You can see the ingredients, you know they’re not nearly as processed as some other brands, and you know that your dog is really getting the right food. When deciding what to give your dog, consider the following:

1. What the Dog Prefers
Like humans, all dogs are different, and they have different preferences. Some like baked treats. Others like wet dog food. Still others prefer dry food from Beneful. Test each one out on your dog, and it’ll become clear pretty quickly what he would like to eat. That’s the route you want to take, as it ensures that your dog always eats enough, enjoys his meals, and spends less time begging for your food.

2. Your Dog’s Size
For dogs, size is more important than age, as it determines what type of food they need and what they can eat the best. Typically, there are types for small breeds, medium breeds and large breeds. Weight limitations will be listed on the bags so that you know where your dog fits in, as everyone thinks of a “large” dog slightly differently.

Remember, if you get a puppy, it’s going to grow through these stages very quickly, and so you may need to use all of the different kinds in a row. Don’t just assume that, since your dog is eventually going to weigh 100 pounds, you should give him food for a large dog when he’s a puppy. Your considerations should be based on his size right now, not his eventual size.

3. Natural Food
It’s best for dogs to eat natural food when they can. This fits with their digestive systems and gives them what their bodies crave. Dogs are not designed to eat overly processed food and artificial ingredients. That’s why it’s hard to beat the Purina dog food that has real meat as the main ingredient. That’s what your dog wants the most, and that’s what he needs.

4. Variety
For the most part, you want to keep the dog’s diet the same day after day. However, that does not mean there’s no room for variety. Try giving him a few different types of treats. This gives him something to be excited about, to look forward to, without being too different from the daily meal.

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