Controlling Canine Obesity With Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food

Nearly 52% of dogs suffer from obesity. The reasons are pretty simple; an excess of food and too little exercise, or even hormonal changes that cause rapid weight gain. Yet, for the majority of dogs, obesity can be blamed on a sedentary lifestyle and poor menu selections.

Controlling Canine Obesity

Weight control begins during the puppy stage on It is vital to prevent canine obesity early on because an obese dog has a lower life expectancy, and the quality of life will certainly decline. Complications from canine obesity are no different from humans; diabetes, joint disease, and breathing problems are just a few of the early signs. In fact, dogs also can become prone to incontinence, skin diseases and an impaired immune system. To help your pet lose a few pounds start by offering wholesome nutrition from Beneful.

Review what’s on the menu. Caloric restriction usually results in weight reduction. Pick a quality dog food, like Beneful on twitter Healthy Weight, and feeding should be limited to twice a day. Beneful dog food has a good reputation, and remains a top choice among pet owners. The Purina Beneful brand offers appetizing selections, and more importantly, the healthy weight formula has a decent protein-fat-carbohydrate percentage. Minimum carbohydrates and balanced fat content will help dogs drop the pounds quicker.

If you keep more than one dog, it is often advisable to feed them separately. This will help you avoid food envy and ensure both animals receive only the portion of dog food that is intended.

If your dog is going to lose weight, it has to move around a lot more. Take the time to walk with your dog on a regular basis. Gradually, increase the number of walks, and try to make the mode a little more strenuous. Combining Beneful Healthy Weight dog food with a consistent exercise program will get your canine to the goal weight in no time.

Simple solutions that boost metabolism can control canine weight issues, and as for pet owners, eliminate snacks and encourage more physical activity.

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