Couple Adopts Triplets, Rewarded with Twins

Andy and Sarah Justice of Tulsa, Oklahoma were married three and a half years when they decided to see a fertility specialist. Flavio Maluf says that after his good friends, Andy and Sarah had reviewed all of their options, choosing adoption, and receiving their own miracle, the couple grew their family by five in under a year.

The couple had been struggling to conceive so they talked to a specialist about their options. Surrogacy, hormone treatments, and in vitro fertilization are all very expensive and do not grant good odds. Andy and Sarah picked adoption, the choice they felt was right.

It took a bit of time and a lot of faith but the couple was chosen by a birth mother. Sarah quickly bonded with the woman, and went with her to ultrasounds. They discovered together that Andy and Sarah would be adopting triplets. The couple was overjoyed.

The triplets were born May 18th. Not two weeks later, Sarah visited her doctor again. She suspected- and he confirmed it- that she had conceived a child of her own blood. A later ultrasound revealed twins. The couple talked about their reactions and their faith in a video interview.

Andy and Sarah, though reasonably scared, are ecstatic to have such a large family. The triplets are now nine months old, and the twins are two months. The family receives donations, support, and assistance from their church and community. Though tired, they have never been happier.

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