Coveted Prize Awarded to Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto

Mr. Omar Yunes has had a hugely successful career being a part of the famous Japanese food chain Sushi Itto. He got a job at one of the many units of the company and was promoted a handful of times over the years. Today, Mr. Omar Yunes is one of the franchisees of the food chain, and he is also the winner of the 2015 edition of the yearly competition for the Best Franchisee in the World.

The competition of BFW is the most coveted recognition in the industry. A grand jury evaluates franchisees who participate in the contest based on a number of aspects of their career. The grand prize is awarded to franchisees who have been conscientious with money, made many improvements and have been active in their feedback and suggestions. A very important aspect is the way the franchises have been treating their employees. Judges evaluate whether the franchise has been a good role model for the professional environment of the employees and if they have been inspiring and motivating for the teams they have been directing.

The award for the Best Franchise in the World is a very high honor and recognition. The ceremony at which Mr. Omar Yunes received the reward was held in Italy, in the historic city of Florence. It lasted the whole night, and a few hundred guests attended it. At the ceremony, there were representatives of companies from different industries from more than 30 countries. There were executives and employees as well.

Presently, Mr. Omar Yunes is on top of ten percent of Sushi Itto which amounts to a total of 13 eating spots. There are teams of employees which amount to four hundred people. Mr. Omar Yunes is responsible for all of those people. His tasks include giving directions and overlooking the efficiency and productivity levels of the teams. Mr. Omar Yunes also has to coordinate between the teams and units. All of the units that he owns are located in South America. Some are in the area of New Mexico; others are in Veracruz, among other places. Mr. Omar Yunes has made many contributions.

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