David L. Giertz Gives Insights on How to Save Sufficient Money for Retirement

David Giertz is a financial advisor who is knowledgeable about financial matters. David Giertz believes that it is crucial to prepare for retirement by saving an adequate amount of money. Below are the keys things he believes would benefit individuals looking to save for retirement.

  1. Discipline

According to David Giertz, discipline is critical when it comes to saving since people have different things they would want to do with their money during retirement. There are those who would want to take dance lessons or travel hence, saving enough becomes necessary.

  1. Drafting a retirement plan

This strategy helps one decide on the amount that one needs to set aside to enjoy in their golden years. This program includes activities that one anticipates to engage in after they retire.

  1. Developing a budget

Having a budget is paramount since it outlines the amount of money one needs to set aside for various activities, such as traveling and holidays.

  1. Cash reserves

A majority of the retirees prefer to invest all their money for safe keeping. This idea is superb, however, saving all the money in the form of liquid cash is risky especially when the market crumbles.

About David L. Giertz

David L. Giertz is an entrepreneur and the vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution. He has been working for this company for close to five years. He has continued to climb the corporate ladder at Nationwide Group, and he currently serves as the director of the enterprise.

David Giertz is in charge of managing sales in the company. Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales is headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio, United States. David Giertz has more than three decades of work experience in the financial industry. He has a degree from the University of Miami and the Millikin University. David Giertz seats on various boards including the Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of Broward County, Millikin University, and Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. David Giertz is also the chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee. Before joining Nationwide Group, he worked for Citigroup as the executive vice president of sales.

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