Don Ressler, Successful Entrepreneur

Fabletics brand was founded in 2013. Kate Hudson and Don Ressler are the co-founders of Fabletics brand. This company specializes in active wear for women. Their fashion line is famous because they have dedicated the line to provide affordable, comfortable, fashionable gear for women.

Adam Goldenberg is also a co-founder of Fabletics Brand. He has been an entrepreneur for a while now, since he was 15 years old, to be exact! Goldenberg has had several successful businesses throughout the years. Don Ressler has also been successful for several years as well. He has bought websites and has done several online projects. Over the years these two eventually developed a close business relationship. They grew a love for fashion, and then finally decided to team with Hudson to create Fabletics.

As for Kate, she is excited to be the face of the brand. Many women love that one of the founders of the company actually wears the product and supports other women. Kate truly enjoys the admiration as a business owner. She plans to continue to uplift other women through fashionable clothing.

Even though Fabletics Brand is doing great, they are still looking for ways to improve. The company is a monthly firm, which gives them lots of freedom and flexibility. Fabletics has confirmed that in the next few months, we should expect to see new products from them. They plan to begin selling accessories. The company believes that selling accessories will appeal to the younger generation of girls which will benefit their market!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This month is celebrated globally. All around the world, people come together to make extra efforts to raise money, bring awareness, and talk more about breast cancer. This past October, Kate Hudson made an appearance at an event held for breast cancer strictly. Hudson has always been a strong advocate for breast cancer. Hudson also made it clear that it is not only her who supports breast cancer, but her whole company.

Kate has decided to sale three two-piece sets designed in FTBC (Fashion Targets Breast Cancer) signature colors. These sets include high-waist leggings, sports bras, Capris sports brands, tanks and leggings. Kate’s goal is to spread awareness and she also wants more research to be completed for breast cancer. These items can be found in all Fabletics stores. They will also be sold on Fabletics’ website. All purchases will go directly towards Fashion Targets Breast Cancer’s benefit.

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