Dr. Avi Weisfogel Discusses Time As A Dentist And Sleep Medicine With Ideamensch

Dr. Avi Weisfogel became a very popular dentist in the Old Bridge, NJ area not only because he was an expert in his practice, but also because his patients saw how much he cared about their needs. But several years ago Weisfogel decided to move in a new direction to find out what causes sleep apnea and to dedicate his work towards improving sleep. He founded Dental Sleep Masters to research oral appliances and provide resources for other dentists and family physicians to help patients of theirs who struggled with sleep. Weisfogel discovered just how much sleep apnea affects children as well as adults and how different health programs could help those with weight problems or large necks.


Dr. Weisfogel talked to Ideamensch recently about what made him interested in sleep science and how he had brought about the change in careers. He told Ideamensch that he wasn’t feeling satisfied with his job as a dentist, perhaps even more so after he uncovered a lot of secrets in sleep science that sparked his interest in helping others in that field. He founded Dental Sleep Masters by using his marketing skills and putting together ideas that he felt could address a need that had been largely ignored. Weisfogel loves communication technology and he finds that to be one of the most exciting trends for entrepreneurs. He’s drawn most of his inspiration from the bestselling book titled “The Power of Now.”


Avi Weisfogel practiced family dentistry for 15 years in the Old Bridge, NJ area. He’s always had an interest in how people think and he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology while getting his formal education at Rutgers in addition to studying biology. He decided being a dentist was the best way he could help people, so he attended the New York College of Dentistry and got his DDS. Even though he may never have totally liked being a dentist, he was ironically nominated several times as Best Dentist in the community. His love for seeing smiles on everyone prompted him to start a GoFundMe page for Operation Smile, an international medical foundation aimed at treating children with mouth deformities.


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