Dr. Jennifer Walden Practices In Austin Texas Again

Jennifer Walden comes back to her hometown of Austin Texas to open her satellite office and raise her twin sons in the town she was raised in. Jennifer is a well-known surgeon and a writer. She loves going on television to do talk shows. Jennifer is the daughter of a well-known dentist. Her mother is a surgical nurse that influenced her decision to be in the medical field. She received her medical degree from the University of Texas before heading off to New York where she did her intern and some teaching. Her friends and colleagues were some of the people that voted her as in the running for Best beauty surgeon in America.

Jennifer Walden recently appeared on an ABC talk show discussing the myths about women’s vaginal rejuvenation. She took time discussing the way a woman thinks about her private areas and the way men think about women’s private areas. She discussed Labiaplasty to decrease the size of the woman’s genitalia. She discussed the unrealistic expectations men have about women’s genitalia. Jennifer made sure she helped people understand how important it is for women to like their private parts and the way they look.

Jennifer is a wonderful plastic surgeon
. She deals with minimally invasive procedures such as Laser surgery and Botox. She also deals with the harsher things that come up such as skin graphs and plastic surgery to repair burn victims. Jennifer loves speaking at events such as mommy makeovers and the American Airlines Association. She works hard to help out celebrities that are requesting plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Since there is always a risk when doing any type of surgery, Jennifer makes sure she is in the loop and up to date on procedures.

After work is the best time of the day. Jennifer gets to spend time with her children. They love going to the park, playing in the yard, and visiting with family. Jennifer loves taking her boys to ballgames. In highschool she was voted All-state for her involvement in soccer. Austin Texas is one of the best towns for people to raise their children because the family atmosphere is perfect.

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