Dynamic Search Partners Raises Funds For Uncommon Schools

The Uncommon Schools of New York just received a generous endowment thanks to businessman and CEO Keith Mann. A fundraiser held at the Plaza Hotel Beer Garden by Dynamic Search Partners helped raise $22,000. The funds will go towards the testing needs of students.

Mann has a long history with Uncommon Schools. The inner city charter schools were opened to help children of low income families attend college. Each year, thousands of children are looking to go to college but lack the funding. “We are committed to helping these kids enter four year colleges and pay for the necessities,” said Keith Mann.

The newest Uncommon charter school is opening for the 2016-2017 school year. Funds are badly needed to help students take the SAT and PSAT tests, which is a requirement for college entrance. Aside from the money raised, Dynamic Search Partners has also donated other funds to the school.

Mann’s relationship with the schools date back to 2013. Dynamic Search Partners has developed a platform to help children reach their full potential and achieve success that goes well beyond college.

Mann says working with Uncommon Schools has been a very good thing for him. He is excited by how the children are excelling and the positive affect it’s had on their lives. He has gone on several tours and sat in on class instruction.

Mann created Dynamic Search Partners in 2002. The former hedge fund manager said that he felt that there was a need to find highly-dedicated professionals to staff financial agencies around the world.

With such an executive search firm, corporations don’t have to worry about the ever-changing dynamics within the financial industry. Clients are thoroughly vetted, only the best of the best are chosen.

Dynamic Search Partners places about 200 people every year. His company has offices in The United States, Europe and Asia.

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