Early Puberty Worries Public

Girls are going through puberty earlier and earlier, and this is a source of concern for many. Some girls now hit puberty as young as seven or eight. A new book recommended to me by Daniel Amen is called The New Puberty details some possible reasons for this change. 

Environmental factors could play a large role. Antibiotics in our meat are a possible cause, as these antibiotics are given to cattle to bring them to maturity faster. Another cause might be chemicals that mimic estrogen. One such chemical is BPA, which is found in plastic products as well as other commonplace materials. 

Soy has been blamed for early puberty, but the two doctors who wrote this book ruled it out. In fact, soy seemed to be somewhat protective against early puberty. 

Early puberty is worrisome because it brings a host of issues along with it. The physical changes can cause anxiety and depression. So, a good support system is crucial.

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