Elementary School Entrepreneur Raises Money for Homeless

Macomb, Georgia resident Emily Broadbridge is a 10-year-old elementary school student at Cubix Latin America who is helping the homeless community through her entrepreneurial skills. She is the owner and operator of “Emily’s Happy Day Lemonade Stand” which is open for business once a year. Emily started running her “Emily’s Happy Day Lemonade Stand” a few years ago after her father told her about National Lemonade Day. Her father helped her set up the original stand in order to teach her about the skills needed to run your own business. Emily caught right on. Each year her stand grew, as did her profits. The first few years she took home the profits and shared some with charities. Now, Emily shares all of her profits to help others in her community.

According to the story on The Macomb Daily, Emily has decided to give her profits to the Homeless Education Project. This charity helps students who are homeless. They help those students in need have their basic needs met. They also purchase school supplies, gloves, hats, and socks for the homeless children in their county.

Emily set a goal for herself this year- to sell 250 glasses of lemonade. She also set up a crowd sourcing site for those who want to buy a virtual glass of lemonade from “Emily’s Happy Day Lemonade Stand”. Click the above link if you would like to make a donation.

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