Fabletics is an online retailer shop that deals in women sports wear and accessories. The company is known for its e-commerce platform and has 18 brick and mortar stores. The stores help in serving the customers in an efficient manner. The company came to be after Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler identified a gap in the market as people could not access quality and affordable sportswear. In order to fulfill the need in the market, they launched Fabletics in 2013 to offer people stylish, high quality and affordable active wear. The mission of the company is to ensure that it provides quality gear for people to remain active in their day to day activities. It helps people have the right attire to facilitate movement of people in their activities whether indoor or outdoor. The other good thing about the company is that it sells the cloths at affordable prices and also fosters community cohesiveness.



Fabletics as a company has ventured into different markets from the time it was established. It has stores in Europe, Germany and Canada. In the year 2015, it established a line that deals with men’s sportswear making it an affordable store for both genders. It also experiences online sales due to the e-commerce platform that ensures that people are able to order for the garments despite their locations. The customers are required to create online platforms where they fill in details about their personal preferences in active wear. They are then given personalized recommendations based on these preferences and also trends in the market. This makes it easier for them to shop. Additionally, members get huge discounts and free delivery.



Kate Hudson is an American actress who has risen to power in the acting industry for her great talent in acting. She won globe awards and was nominated for the academy awards for the best supporting actress. She has featured in a number of films that have made her famous over the years. Throughout her life she has been in the lime light for acting and being part of global charity event. She is a mother of two and a fashion taste maker. Her passion for helping women and empowering them to lead a healthy life led her to coming up with a company Fabletics. The company that offers good quality sports gear for the women to help them lead a great life.



Kate Hudson is the mind behind the organization, she has a passion for helping people especially women. She encourages them to stay fit and healthy in their day to day activities. She embraces the culture of staying healthy to ensure that people live a happy life. The organization also goes further to encourage people to live their passion everyday so that they are happy and live a great life. The company places itself in a position where it assists people by giving them the appropriate active wear. This is to ensure that they are in a position to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


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