Facts You Should Know About The New York Real Estate Market

Home buyers are nowadays looking for houses in cities that are safer, more clean and leafier. Many homeowners are also looking to buy spacious homes as opposed to houses that do not even have outdoor space, as reported in New York Times. For people looking at the lower end of the market, there is still hope of getting a home or apartment with a terrace or lawn. However,finding a home with some little green space on NYC luxury real estate may need some perseverance and patience.

As of August 2015, real estate site StreetEasy listed 156 condos for sale in Manhattan for below $500,000. However, the site was not specific about the amount of space available, and it is hard to tell which neighbors would share gardens or patios. In Brooklyn for example, an apartment was listed for $435,000, and it barely had outdoor space for a chair and table. However, the sellers were quick to point out that the garden was considerably larger than the apartment itself. There are also areas in Brooklyn where prices are a bit low and where there is more green to the ground as well. In typical instances though, the lawns are in most cases separating two apartment towers.

In Manhattan, there are many penthouses for both the middle-class buyers and the wealthy. The average apartment price is $1.87 million in places like Trump Park Avenue, which locks out many average customers. In many properties, the terraces are the most commonly used site to set an outdoor table and chair.

Town Real Estate is a site offering different property listings in various locations around New York. The site lists both high priced homes and those for the average owner. The best thing about the site is the fact that it is not confined to listing only one type of properties. It contains apartments, condo homes, terrace homes and any other types people are selling. The listings also include properties for rent as well as ongoing developments.

When it comes to matters related to experience, the site is in front of the pack. It has been in the real estate field for a considerable duration of time, and it has the best and most experienced team. The site also deals with commercial properties that are on sale as well as those that are being developed. Anyone who wants to get information about the most prime real estate developments in New York will not need to look any further.

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