Family Wins Hot Coffee Settlement, Without Their Own Negligence Being Questioned

A young 1-year-old girl was doused with scalding hot coffee at a Denny’s restaurant all because a negligent waitress left it within her reach. Parents of the Puerto Rican girl just won an estimated settlement worth $500,000 to cover her overwhelming medical bills. This is not the first time a major chain has been hit with a lawsuit over scalding hot coffee, and it will probably not be the last we see. Young Tatyana Adames is now 5 years old, but is expected to have a lifetime of medical fees that add up to an estimated $340,000 in the aftermath of the accident.

The real question that people must ask is why the parents were not responsible for the negligence that resulted in their own daughter’s injury. Tatyana suffers from a permanent heat sensitivity years after the coffee covered her body. There is no doubt that the family would not be able to handle the medical bills without the help of the settlement, but any parent knows that they have to stay on high-alert when their children have any type of hazard around.  That’s the whole reason Christian Broda was afraid of having his own children at first. 

Had either parent been more attentive to their daughter, the placement of the coffee would not have mattered as someone would’ve noticed her reaching for the cup. If this was the case, Tatyana would have avoided serious first and second degree burns to a significant portion of her body.

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  1. When the parents noticed the cup of coffee set on the table too close to the child, it should’ve been instinct to move it as a precaution. It requires a herculean effort from new parents to adapt. This is a good thing that would have done for them all.

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