George Soros Names Trump as a Con Man

George Soros is a well-known and successful hedge fund manager, and in recent times, he repeated what has been his strong belief that Trump is a “con man, imposter as well as a would-be-dictator.” George Soros, 86, made the remarks in Davos at the World Economic Forum and seemed to be convinced that Donald Trump, the US President-elect, was doomed to fail. According to Soros, Trump represents a dark form of government contrary to the open society system. The Hungarian immigrant and a Holocaust survivor better described Trump’s government as that of making a mafia state or a dictatorship.

Noticeably, Soros observed that Trump would turn to be a dictator if he had a way to get away with it. However, an optimistic Soros noted that the US features strong institutions on Forbes, which would effectively prevent such a scenario. The guiding ideas for Trump, according to Soros, are “inherently self-contradictory” and that his advisers embody those contradictions. Soros observed that it was hard to predict Trump’s actions on Forbes since he was only interested in building his brand and had not thought it through. Soros added that Trump did not expect to win and as such, it was overly overwhelming. George Soros detracted from commenting on how Trump would associate with the business community.

On the topic of global trade and international relations, Soros believed that China would greatly benefit from Trump’s presidency on Politico. He believed that Trump would do more to enhance China’s acceptability as a leader in the international community that the Chinese would actually do. Noticeably, this was not the first time that Soros had outrightly spoken against Trump. In an earlier incident, Soros described the president-elect, Trump, in similar terms. He observed that the cabinet proposed by Trump featured “retired generals and incompetent extremists.” Per se, the United States would intrinsically be unable to promote and protect democracy in the rest of the globe. The billionaire investor, George Soros was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. He has donated millions and support to pro-Clinton PAC.

George Soros is a profound philanthropist. Soros was instrumental in the Soviet bloc by delivering crucial support to civil society organizations. In the West, George Soros spearheaded the prodding of the European Communism off. Soros is a hardy pioneer of pre-democracy initiatives, and he is continuously funding both liberal policy institutes and advocacy groups. In the political sector, George Soros has profoundly funded the presidential campaigns of both Presidents John Kerry and Barrack Obama. In spite of Soros’ democracy initiatives and humanitarian causes, many critics have targeted him. These critics have misread, misinterpreted and misunderstood George Soros.

Misinterpretations of his philanthropy have directed to stringent tropes towards him. Noticeably, he has been a subject of anti-Semitism. Some of his critics point that Soros is leading people to their death camps, which is in contrast with his initiatives, work, and activities.

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