George Soros Philanthropic Mission Success Stories

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He is from a Jewish family, but they did not like the fact that they were Jews. His father who was a lawyer went further and changed their family name from George Schwartz to the now famous Soros. This was another wise, protective measure which helped had their identity. His father, Tivadar was a renowned lawyer and had even been jailed in world war 1. He was released, and that’s when he went back to Hungary to stay with family after spending his time in Russia and learn more about George Soros.

Hungary was invaded by Nazi Germany when Soros was only 13 years. He witnessed all the atrocities that used to happen whereby so many women and children were being killed. That is the time during which Jewish children were denied the right to attend schools. Soros and his fellow Jews could be told to report to the Jewish council. It was a sad moment for them, and they feared for their dear lives and also their future. For them to survive the war that killed so many people, his father bought documents that sealed their identity, and they started being treated as Christians. In the year 1944 and 1945, that is when things had worsened, and the young Soros was only 14 years. Budapest war that was a door to door operations and claimed the lives of over 500, 000 civilians and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George later got a chance to advance his studies at England. The school London School of Economics was amongst the most famous during those times. Soros decided to advance his studies with a bachelors degree in Philosophy. He performed exemplary well despite the challenges he endured while being a student at the school. He did masters at the same school and graduated in the year 1954. During the time he was at that school. He used to look for jobs to sustain him there, and that is how he succeeds.

After University, George Soros immigrated again to the United States. It was the beginning of his journey, and he applied for jobs in the finance industry there. At times things could become tough, and he even describes the moment as the lowest in his life. He was focused on becoming a great financial analyst and ended up working as a European Stock analyst at FM Mayer, Wertheim and Co and many other companies. During those times, he used to work with great forex traders and even started experimenting their strategies. As a result, he formed second edge Fund which later became successful in very few years. He resigned and established Soros Fund Management.

George Soros after succeeding with Soros Fund Management became a great Philanthropist. He has been sharing his fortune with the less fortunate in the society and is believed to have donated $18 billion to an organization called Open Society Foundation. He is tirelessly doing very well and has successfully ventured into serious donations. His great passion for helping the world has been derived from his unstable upbringing that is as a result of unstable governments and Follow him

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