Glen Wakeman Offers Business Advice to Miami Businessmen


Glen has vast experiences in traveling and mostly discusses the benefits that go has brought to his life. His work experience made his traveling dreams be realized. He worked for General Electric Company for 20 years. Throughout his career at GE, he managed to work in 32 different countries. Additionally, he has resided in over six states. He says that this has contributed significantly to his achievements.

The most significant achievement of his life is when he founded the new division known as General Electric Money Latin America. The firm recorded substantial growth since it started with a single individual to 17,000 individuals worldwide.

Glen’s Traveling

Glen indicates that his work experience and career has been advanced due to the travels he makes. His career presented an ideal opportunity of traveling to various countries. As earlier indicated, he has lived in more than six states and worked for 32 countries. He demonstrates that this has advanced his thinking capacity and how to approach specific challenges. In his statement, he includes that the world is a large place that incorporates various cultures and ways of life. Every culture has its method of approaching challenges. If you visit multiple cultures, you will be equipped with methodologies to contact specific solutions. Moreover, he has good expression skills and has learned many foreign languages. He goes ahead to give the benefits of traveling

Stress Relief and Comfort

Researchers indicate that stress can have negative impacts on the health of an individual. Moreover, it affects how you handle things and the concentration. The psychiatrist has reported that vacations are convenient ways to relieve stress. Besides, it is a neat way to relax your body. They have health benefits.

Language Learning

Just like Glen, you learn various languages depending on the travels you make. For instance, Glen has learned many words regarding the countries he’s traveled to.

Enhances skills

As indicated, you learn different ways of life and cultures. This will equip you with the different ways you can approach a problem.

If you work internationally, there are high chances of succeeding in your career. This is because you interact with various people of different cultures.

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