Google and Mattel Revive the Viewmaster

Generations of children slipped thick cardboard discs into plastic lenses to see three dimensions of favorite stories and pictures, around the world. Now Mattel and Google are reviving the “View-Master,” bringing them into the digital age.

Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG ( has learned that the toy maker and Internet giant announced a partnership that will launch a new version of these lenses to work with an application for smart phones, on the Android platform, the mobile operating system developed by Google.

This new version will include a smartphone slot to fit an Android phone within the plastic cover. A host of viewing options will be available when paired with the View-Master companion app.

It will be sold at about $ 30 and include a built-in gallery of classic images, like a trip into space on a rocket, and other 360 degree images in disc, which will be valued at $ 15.

“Combining technology and innovation with a classic toy gives children an improved learning experience with games that offer unimaginable opportunities through new digitally generated content ,” said Doug Wadleigh, an official atMattel.

Over the years, more than 1.5 billion View-Master reels, and over 100 million View-Masters were sold.

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