Graham Edwards Is Pivotal To The Success Of Telereal Trillium

A 2001 contract facilitated the outsourcing of property from Telecom holdings, which later became known simply as BT, to the much lesser known Telereal Trillium. The deal was initiated by the chief executive officer of Telereal, Graham Edwards, and sent shockwaves throughout property markets in the UK.


Edwards has manned the position of CEO for the company since the 2001 creation of the company and from the beginning, he has worked to provide an influence on the culture of Trillium. The highlighted the desire by both Edwards and Trillium to identifying value in assets not readily seen by others and the utilization of strategic partnerships to fuel the growth of the company.


A closer look at the deal between BT and Telereal sheds more light on the way Graham Edwards has impacted both the company and works for and the industry at large. BT agreed to enter into a 30-year partnership with Telereal Trillium that included Telereal gaining access to more than 6,700 properties previously owned by BT. The total value of the deal was well over two billion British Pounds.


The creative element of the deal between the two companies was the afforded flexibility of BT to vacate the properties over a period of time. This allowed for BT to gradually reduce the size of its estate while allowing Telereal to increase its company value due to obtaining the properties.


The tone set by Edwards for Telereal got the company off to a good start and demonstrated a philosophy for the company that has lasted until this day.


About Graham Edwards


Graham Edwards attended Cambridge University where he studied economics. Before working with Telereal Trillium, he served as the CIO for Talisman Global Management Edwards has also worked for Merrill Lynch, where he performed a variety of duties including fund manager and was the head of finance for the BT Group Plc.


While working for more than 15 years as CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards has consistently demonstrated that he is a highly capable business leader that maintains a high level of involvement in the day to day operations of the company he leads.


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