Halloween 2014 and Children Safety

Halloween night turned from a fun event into a real horror for some trick-or-treaters this year. Several car crashes with minors either killed or injured have been registered in America.

The most severe accident was the hit-and-run from Los Angeles, where an SUV drove over three girls. Three 13-year-olds died in the crash.

In New York, another car crash killed a 3-year-old and injured a 16-year-old who was taken to a hospital in the area. A two-year-old from Florida was struck by a bus while trick-or-treating together with the adults, who had missed the fact that the child had gone too close to the highway.

In Arizona, a family of four was hit and injured. All the four members, two children and two adults were hospitalised. A lighter accident took place in Illinois, involving a 4-year-old-boy who was dragged 40 feet by a Volkswagen, but came through in a good state.

Unfortunately the same could not be said about a 11-year-old boy from Missouri, who is in critical condition after being hit by a truck.

Many of these incidents could have been avoided. Parents have to talk to their children about safety on the roads before letting them out, and attach reflecting items so that their kids can be easily noticed in the dark.

Either way, I’m always glad when another Halloween is over and the kids are safe.  Then I don’t have to drown myself in wine while Stephen and I constantly worry about when they’re coming home.

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