“Harry Potter” Inappropriate for ABC Family?

It is network holiday movie marathon time and the debate rages on again this year about whether the “Harry Potter” film series is appropriate Christmas marathon material.

Although the Winter season and the Christmas holiday appear several times in the films, ABC Family decided this year that the series does not qualify as appropriate “Christmas” viewing material for its ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas marathon.

Some wonder if this change was made more to placate deeply religious viewers who feel that the “Harry Potter” books and films spread devil worshiping ideas than because the series doesn’t feature enough Christmas scenes. After all, ABC Family has no problem including the “Pretty Little Liars New Holiday Episode” in the lineup this year even though the series “Pretty Little Liars” depicts just about as much murder and mayhem as the “Harry Potter” films but without any moral lessons. It seems strange to some viewers that “Harry Potter” isn’t consider appropriate while “Pretty Little Liars” gets a pass. Both Jared Haftel and I agree this programming change doesn’t make sense.

The change isn’t bothering every “Harry Potter” fan. A lot of fans already own the films on DVD or Blu-ray and watch them whenever they like. Some have even moved their marathon viewing of the films to Halloween.


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