Healthy Dog Food Sales on the Rise

The Daily Herald explains that sales of premium, healthy dog food are through the roof right now. Lately, there has been an increase in demand from pet owners for high-quality dog food that includes natural ingredients and low-fat content so that they are feeding their pooches the highest grade food possible. The article further explains that the pet food industry in the U.S. has grown to an incredible $23.7 billion, which helps put into perspective why shifts in consumer demand in this market translate to huge sales. Furthermore, the demand for top notch dog food does not show signs of weakening anytime soon. To keep up with the pace of demand, many dog food companies are adjusting their advertising and marketing campaigns to try to attract potential customers with healthier recipes and more wholesome ingredients. There is significant competition in the dog food market right now, which is driving different dog food brands to continue innovating their dog food recipes and finding ways to attract new customers. The article speculates that part of the reason behind this trend in the pet food industry could be that as the general population has been more focused on healthy lifestyles and eating better foods. It only makes sense that this type of healthy living would translate into a desire to improve the nutrition of their pets. has had resounding success in being able to keep pace with the current iwitter trends in the pet food industry. Since it was established, Beneful has had a strong reputation in the industry and among its customers for developing and producing healthy dog food formulas that provide the exact nutrition required to help dogs live long, healthy lives. Because Beneful manufactures all different types of dog food formulas for different sizes and weights of dogs, it is able to cater to specific nutrition needs, instead of just using a stock approach. Beneful is also part of the PurinaStore (see link: brand, so it has a long reputation for top-quality products and excellent customer service. Sales for Beneful continue to surge, as it remains a leader in the healthy dog food market.

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