Hope Gives Hope To Cats With Special Needs

It’s difficult for many animals that end up in shelters to get adopted, let alone animals with special needs. The Humane Society, which is a no kill shelter, especially has a hard time adopting out cats with food or medical needs. These cats typically require routine followups and vet checks, so naturally some people are hesitant to take that on.

But, there’s Hope. Literally. Meet this little sweetheart named Hope. Hope was born with a developmental disorder called microphthalmia. Microphthalmia causes the eyes to develop abnormally, and they typically are non-functioning.

Hope, along with her mother and sister, were found and rescued from the parking lot of the Burlington Ikea parking lot. The Burlington Humane Society began posting pictures of Hope online and many fell in love with her. This led to people donating the money that was needed for her eye surgery.

Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that she had her eye surgery earlier this month, and recuperated far better than expected. Last Thursday, Hope was one of the lucky cats with special needs to find her forever home. And, this lucky little kitten’s needs will be met- in the one floor apartment of the man who adopted her. Not all cats with special needs are lucky enough to be loved and have their needs met. But Hope was, and her story is incredible.

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