How Many Gifts Should A Child Get On Christmas?

Today’s child wants more presents under the tree than before. They want them piled high and in abundance. But how many gifts is plenty for a child? I see so many families going in debt for gifts that their children will break or lose by the following holiday season. So what is acceptable and what is going to far?

The price ranges will be different for all families, and for Susan McGalla,  depending on their budgets. The area of the country and the prices also must be taken into consideration. Children don’t need half of what they get. The rule of thumb is that a child should get four gifts, they should include a need, a want, an article of clothing and something to read. Even the baby Jesus only got three gifts, why do kids now days want so much more?

Handmade gifts are also coming back in a big way. So many are finding that sentimental offerings are much better than store bought junk. Try to make the gifts have meaning. Try to get something that the child can really use, not just the latest fad. Get them something that means something to them or the family heritage. A want should also be included, but don’t go overboard. If a child gets stuff year round, then Christmas doesn’t have to be as celebrated as those who save all their gift giving till this time of year.

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