How to Use OneLogin to Enhance Security, Speed, and Accuracy.

Technology is increasingly simplifying the daily life of a human being. A firm located in San Francisco has created yet another software, which allows clients to sign in for the various services using an iPad. With this technology, the use of insecure and outdated log books is now forgotten.

The system allows for an automation of various processes during check-in. The system will require the client to provide a digital NDA, a visitor sign in as, the visitor badge as well as a host notification. Most consumers of this technology include the fastest growing technology firms that want to enhance security while increasing productivity.

For these customers, the movement of staff in and out of the company can be a headache to various IT admins. Reason being, they have to continuously update the individual user access to the different applications to guarantee a secure system and a smooth end user satisfaction. With these challenges, Envoy worked with the OneLogin to facilitate the implementation of a SCIM protocol. The protocol is what is commonly known as off/onboarding. The feature has been made available to various Envoy premium clients.

Having SCIM enabled applications to allow multiple clients to accelerate the various applications roll out. The procedure is achieved by adopting and synchronizing all the user attributes to the desired application. In the Envoy company case, the SCIM allows the customers to provide their details automatically. These details on individual names, office locations, and emails can then be accessed from their OneLogin directory. For better results, the continuous synchronization is set by the management to update any change that may occur on the individual user profile.

We all know difficult it maybe for the IT department to manage various employees and various user applications. In these firms, most people are performing different roles; some are even duplicating work. Without a transparent system, you may never be able to ascertain this.

The OneLogin integration system allows the various clients use their login as their source of truth. All the data saved by these employees is then continuously synched to the Envoy directory. If your system is well integrated, any changes that happen to your profile will be immediately synced to the Envoy.

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