How Todd Lubar Has Advanced His Career In The Real Estate Industry

When Todd Lubar earned his communications degree at Syracuse University he needed to decide what industry to start his professional career in. He decided that real estate was the best opportunity to start a good career in and so he found a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He sold mortgages to those buying homes in the state of Maryland. He was a top performing employee at his office location and turned this experience into an opportunity to advance his career when he joined Legacy Financial Group. This company is headquartered in Arlington, Texas and has an office in Maryland which Todd Lubar worked at. He was instrumental in helping this location generate several hundred million of residential loan volume. For more details visit Crunchbase.

After six years at Legacy Financial Group Todd Lubar left in order to accept an executive level position at another firm in the industry. He worked for Charter Funding (which is a subsidiary of Magnus Financial Corporation) as one of their senior vice presidents. It was while he worked in this position that the financial crisis took place that rocked the real estate industry. Todd Lubar decided to get out of the real estate industry and seek opportunities elsewhere until people started buying homes again. Check out Medium to see more.

Todd Lubar began involved in a number of industries in 2008 He owned a recycling company and a nightclub. He also owned a business that demolished dilapidated homes and hauled away the remains. Once residential real estate got really inexpensive he started to buy homes. He would fix up the homes and then put them back on the market, earning a pretty good profit each time.

Today Todd Lubar is back in the real estate industry. He owns TDL Ventures where he is the president. This is a business is also a mortgage company. He started this company in response to seeing people wanting to buy homes but facing way too much red tape. He knew he had the skills to help people like this and so TDL Ventures was born. He’s said it’s a profitable company that he has poured a lot of work into. Visit for more info.

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