Hunger-Free Kids Are Hungrier Than Ever

We have all dealt with crappy lunch food and mean cafeteria ladies, but it seems as though the food just gets worse and worse. The introduction of the Hunger-Free Kids Act in 2010 has changed a lot about the once consumable food students were served at school. The implementation of new food providers, along with budget cuts, has taken a toll on many of the students who eat school lunch on a regular basis, especially those who depend on it.
Everyone has complained, and complained, and complained about how terrible the food is, but kids in Connecticut have taken things to a different level. I have yet to hear of a student body that boycotts the cafeteria, but Farmington High School has done just that. From moldy hotdogs, bugs in peaches, and macaroni that looks like mashed potatoes, the students have decided that the only peaceful way to end the madness is to make the source suffer. Though they don’t boycott the lunch room every day, students are hoping that the few days they do will make a big difference in the quality and price of the food.
From the looks of it, it seems as though this might do the trick. My neighbor Sam showed me the story on the national news station, FOX News, which is covering the incident, which gives hope to the many kids around the nation who suffer from bad cafeteria food.

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