Internationally famous Antique Wine Company

For over 25 years, the
Antique Wine Company has been a leader as a seller of fine wine and spirits.
This company, founded by CEO Stephen Williams is
internationally known for bringing quality antique wine to hotels,
restaurants and private individuals who are connoisseurs of fine wine and

Although The Antique Wine Company is now successful, it has
defied the odds rising from a humble beginning. Stephen Williams began in
insurance sales after living with his single mother who struggled to raise her
three children in Derbyshire. Wine tasting with friends, moved his interest to
the wine industry resulting in AWC becoming a prime international seller of
Fine Wine. One of Mr. Williams first breaks came in 1994 AWC by supplying the
wine for the 70th birthday of U.S. President George H.W. Bush
bringing the company to the attention of the American public.

From their headquarters in
Marylebone, Central London and the two offices in Asia, The Antique Wine
Company is famous for carrying the Guinness World Record for a bottle of 1811
Chateau d’ Y Quem sold for $117,000. Furthermore,
AWC is the first to develop and release a Fine Wine App for iPhones in 2010
bringing Fine Wine sales into the twenty-first

Currently, the company
has moved to creating handcrafted cabinets by the cabinet maker Viscount David Linley that contain eighteen bottles
of quality fine wines called the Grand Chateau Series. These wine cabinets are
handcrafted to resemble the architecture of some of the top chateau in Bordeaux.
They contain wines from the 20th and 21st centuries which
come from each subsequent chateau. The collection also contains memorabilia and
letters from the Chateau archives. By developing new projects such as this, Mr. Williams continues to keep this
company a world class International seller
of Fine Wine.

Although changing from The Antique Wine Company to AWC
Global PLC in 2013, the company continues to expand relationships with connoisseurs
throughout the globe. With stock that sought after by the respected businessmen, AWC will continue as the rising
star of the wine industry.

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