Jim Tananbaum’s Unparalleled Input in the Healthcare Sector is Changing the Face of the Industry

Jim Tananbaum, through Foresite Capital, has contributed immensely to the healthcare industry for the last six years. The firm that he founded and now serves as CEO has helped many healthcare leaders to the peak of their careers. The firm offers them capital and the necessary information to make their ventures grow, and most importantly, giving them business connections. Jim Tananbaum is highly respected for his good work at Foresite Capital, and also for his earlier entrepreneurial career. Ideamensch had a chance to speak to the undisputed entrepreneurial legend in March this year, and he shared more about himself and his business career.

Motivation behind Foresite

Jim had had a prosperous 25-year career as an investment strategist, specifically in the healthcare industry. The experience he gathered from this capacity was abundant, and he thought it wise to share it with prospective healthcare entrepreneurs. According to him, the future of the industry depends heavily on the previous and current innovations. It was this realization that he established Foresite Capital, a firm that has taken innovation to an all-time high. He told Ideamensch that he has set the firm’s operations to revolve around sourcing for as much healthcare information as possible. It is through this information that the firm has managed to identify many business openings in the industry, and even invest in 77 of them. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Jim’s Business Style

Hard work is the best definition of Jim Tananbaum. According to him, hard work is as important as capital is in bringing any idea to fruition. He as such takes the time to analyze individuals before engaging them in business to ensure that they are not only smart but also effective and persistent. He also revealed that much of his office time is spent working on how to grow the firm in future. To do this, he joins hands with his employees who are equally dedicated to bringing change to the healthcare industry.

More about Jim

Jim Tananbaum has had a successful entrepreneurial career. GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Theravance, Inc., Prospect Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures, and Amira Pharmaceuticals are all companies associated with Jim either as a co-founder or a senior executive.

Since childhood, Jim has had an undying passion for technology and science. This explains why he enrolled for an M.D and later an M.BA at Yale University. Jim is also a distinguished holder of an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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