Keeping Children from Getting Sick

There could be almost 200 children with measles after a woman was in an urgent care facility in Phoenix. She is the second person in Arizona who has been confirmed as having measles. The disease has spread ever since a family went to Disneyland in California. If this many children being exposed to measles isn’t enough for parents to wake up and see that their children need to be vaccinated, then there probably isn’t a lot that will shake parents up about vaccinations. There are parents who are probably concerned about the side effects of vaccines, so they don’t let their children get the immunizations that they need that can help prevent illnesses like measles. Sergio Andrade Guierrez understands that this should be some type of neglect, especially if the child contracts a disease that could have been prevented. Immunizations should be something mandatory. Some vaccinations might not be necessary, but the ones for the general health of the person should be required.

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