Keith Mann and the Fight to Protect Animals

Animals do not have a voice and most are unable to truly fight back if they are attacked or mistreated. That is why people from all around the world do what they can in order to protect the animals and assist them. Keith Mann is an animal rights activist out of the UK. He works with a group known as the Animal Liberation Front in assisting animals both in captivity and those who are mistreated. It is his designed to make sure all animals are properly taken care of, no matter where in the world they live.

Keith Mann of animaliberationfont doesn’t just work to improve the lives of animals, but it is his goal to also reduce how animals are treated, even if they are destined to be processed into meals. In fact, in 1994 he received a 14 year prison sentence from conspiring to set meat lorries on fire. With a network of other animal activists, he managed to escape custody, although police eventually found him working in an animal sanctuary. The police ended up reducing his sentence. Upon his release, he talked with The Guardian, a leading UK newspaper publication in order to discuss how the government had cut down his ability to protest the way animals are treated in the country. He stated all he wants to do is to make sure animals are treated properly.

Some might wonder how Keith Mann developed such a passion and love for animals. While in school, his very first job was working on a dairy farm. He wrote about the agony many of the new cow mothers experienced due to the separation they had from their calves. The cows would cry out, looking for their offspring, only to never actually find them and to have the milk churned out for financial profit.

Mann works directly with the Animal Protection Party. This is a political group that runs on the desire to improve benefits for animals in the UK. While animals are unable to run for political office themselves, The Animal Protection Party elects individuals to run in different races they believe they not only have a chance of winning, but at least have the ability to gain attention from the local and international press. While the political party has yet to put anyone into any sort of office, they are receiving more and more votes when running.

Keith Mann is all about stopping animal cruelty. He does not believe in testing products on animals in a caged facility where most of the animals never are allowed to see the light of day or truly experience life. He also doesn’t believe animals should be imported into the country simply to be caged into small spaces where they live out their short lives without the ability to freely move around.

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