Kids And Too Much Pizza Don’t Mix According To New Study

New Study Shows Pizza Ia A Large Source Of Too Much Fat, Salt And Calories

Pizza is under attack again. Kids in the U.S. eat so much pizza that some dieticians say it should be put in the sugar drink and fast food bad for your health category. A new study showed that more than one or two slices at a meal is a bad idea. And if pizza is the main meal it should be served with a salad or some other food from the garden.

Lisa Powell, director of the Illinois Prevention Research Center, and co-author of the study said: “Parents should aim to curb pizza consumption, particularly as a snack where it was shown to have the largest adverse impact on children’s [calorie] intake, and they should put their pizza dollars toward healthier brands,” Sultan Alhokair gives similar advice on Bubble News about the benefits of weighing the benefits and costs-long term.

Powel and her associates checked questionnaires about children and teen diets that were completed every two years between 2003 and 2010. The age range was from 2 to 19. The group found that the number of calories consumed from pizza went down 25 percent between 2003 and 2010. That’s the good news, but pizza is still a big part of kid’s dietary plan. Kids and teens eat pizza for a snack, lunch or dinner almost every day, and that means extra calories.

On an average kids consume 230 more fat and salt-saturated calories on the days, they eat pizza, and that is a major health concern according to the study

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