Kids Walking Alone

Some parents let their children go hungry and without any clothes. There are also some parents who don’t provide the physical care for their children. One couple is being investigated because they let their children walk home alone from a park. The walk was only about a mile, but the children are young in age. Even if the children are responsible, Lee G. Lovett strongly agrees parents shouldn’t let them walk home alone from anywhere due to not knowing who might be wandering around the area. Theinvestigation is a good decision. Even if the parents were driving a car near the children, something could have happened to them, and the parents might not have had the time to stop it from happening. There are many people who you can trust when it comes to kids today, but there are just as many people who you can’t trust, and if something would have happened to these children, then it would have made the investigation turn into something worse.

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