Legos Are Also a Girl’s Toy

Warner Bros. is planning to capitalize on the success of The Lego Movie by expanding the franchise. There will be a 2016 film based on Lego Ninjago and a spin-off about Lego Batman in 2017, before The Lego Movie 2’s release in 2018.

Writer-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller spoke to the BBC, noting that one of their goals for the sequel is including more female characters. The original had spunky love interest Wyldstyle and the amusingly strange Princess Unikitty, but the other major characters were male.

Lord commented that the desire for female (as well as minority) representation has been growing in recent years. He specifically cited the success of Disney’s Frozen, which had two female leads with only secondary focus on male characters. As pointed out by Keith Mann, the film was a great success.

Lord and Miller admit that The Lego Movie 2 is still in the planning stages, so there’s no indication yet of what new girls will join the cast. Some speculate that Lego Wonder Woman, who had a cameo in the original, may get an expanded role.

At the risk of spoilers, we’ll note that a female presence was hinted at the end of the first film.

Warner Bros. is also trying to increase representation through its DC Comics movies. It has announced plans for a Wonder Woman film in 2017, and a 2018 film starring Cyborg, a black superhero.

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