Love Amongst Chaos

For most mothers, it is a natural instinct to protect their young. Children are born into this world vulnerable and naïve. A mother is positioned in a child’s life so that they don’t have to live in a cruel world so defenseless. Even if the child were to wander down a dangerous path on their own free will, it would be instinct for a mother to reel her child or children in before they experience any harm. Keith Mann has similar instincts to protect what he loves. The Baltimore Riots have caused a lot of controversy over the last few weeks. The older generation of citizens have stuck to peaceful protesting while the younger generation has done anything but. Michael Singleton of Baltimore was no exception. When the 16-year-old Singleton left school Monday after Freddie Gray’s funeral, he had a choice: riot in the streets with his friends, or go home like his mom said. Singleton made that choice by deciding to pick up a rock and join the uproar. In no time flat, Singleton’s mom Toya Graham descended into the crowd of rioters and quickly gripped up her son to take him home. She began to chastise him in the middle of the commotion of the day’s events. Without realizing it, Toya became the internet’s “Mother of the Year”. Many mothers, especially African American mothers, understood why Toya did what she did. It wasn’t to embarrass her son or to even abuse him. Toya knew that her son was in a very dangerous situation. At a day in age when young African American males are regularly getting killed by the police, it’s easy to see why this mother went to the extremes that she did.

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