Magnises Takes the Millennial to New Heights in His Community:

The most revolutionary way to experience paying for purchases and experiencing all of the great amenities offered by way of the city is by acquiring a shiny, hefty-weighted Magnises card. The card is very presentable. It is a bold, black card and when the Millennial slips it out of his wallet for payment: “Awesome” is the best description. Other persons, automatically glean from the sight of the stylish card, that the Millennial is dripping in money.


The creator of this positive shift within the card industry is Billy McFarland. McFarland is the genius–as described by significant members of media–who established his first at the age of 13 years of age. He is now twenty-something and is CEO of Magnises.


McFarland, did not get too carried away with his revolutionary card idea, either: he possesses a very practical side–appreciatively so. He noticed that persons in his age range (twenty-something) liked carrying about a bank card or credit card. He provided linkage on his black Magnises card: to spare the user of having to qualify for credit. By linking an available card, the Millennial can easily pay for purchases; at the city’s top spots. See


The next component of the card is its social element. The Millennial who acquires the card is able to take advantage of visiting all of the city’s trendiest retail venues; without emptying his pockets. Read more:

The deeply discounted pricing is tremendous. In example, seats, wherein the Magnises member is able to watch the performance of a show on Broadway, in New York City is one-quarter of the original price. The seating, too, is in a preferred location. The discount mentioned is the type of event and discounting that is continually available to the Millennial. Follow them on


According to, McFarland has captured his audience. He recognized that his generation liked a hefty-price tag lifestyle: however, without the sticker shock. He gained the cooperation of the city’s trendiest vendors, in providing the Millennials with opportunities, which they simply would find a bit cost-prohibitive, if not carrying there feature-rich Magnises card.


So what is the annual fee for the card? Would you believe an incredibly reasonable $250 per annum. Considering all of the perks and benefits: the annual fee is unbeatable.


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