Major Pot Legalization Advocate Is A 85-Year-Old Texas Republican Woman

Her Son Was Treated With Medical Marijuana After An Accident

Ann Lee is an 85-year-old Texas grandmother and marijuana activist. The Republican crusader recently told the press that she realized marijuana wasn’t the devil that she thought it was all these years. Pot helped her son when he was recuperating from an accident. Since then, she has become a major voice in legalizing marijuana in Texas.

The liberal issue has become her issue even though she is a staunch Republican. She explained the support and the attention she is getting this way: “I don’t know whether it’s my age or the white hair. I’ve been an activist for many years, but I’ve never had the response that I’m now getting”

Lee told supporters the government can’t tell people not to use marijuana if it offers medical relief to patients that can’t get relief from other drugs. Susan McGalla of American Eagle knows that the major issue in the fight to legalize marijuana is its government drug classification. It’s apparent that pot should be reclassified and most people that have done their homework on weed agree.

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