Marketing Innovations Make Fabulous Successes

Marketing is one of those unique industries where experience and knowledge are not always enough, sometimes you just need a natural flair for the craft or success will continually elude you. With their recent successes in innovating their approach to the marketing realm, there is little doubt that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have that natural flair. From TechStyle and JustFab to Fabletics, these two titans of the marketing world have elevated fashion advertisement into a modern art form.


Though they had a natural gift for marketing goods, they still put in the extra effort to gain the necessary experience to succeed in the industry. Adam had entered into the business realm at the tender age of 15, utilizing his skills to advertise various companies including video games, eventually selling his fledgling company to a larger conglomerate and moving on to greener pastures. Don’s story was much the same, selling his own advertising site to the same conglomerate, and eventually meeting and becoming friends with Adam as they traversed the marketing realm.


The two became fast friends and business partners, working on myriad ventures and standing up advertising sites to cater to specific business’ needs. Don and Adam eventually decided to focus upon fashion, a lucrative industry known to be fickle and at times difficult. The task was never too much for these two savants however, as they zeroed in on customer service and making their sites more user friendly. Their focus on simplifying an individual’s search for the right fit and style, without having to spend a lifetime in physical stores or being frustrated by a clumsy web interfaces, quickly propelled their online endeavors toward greater success. Then came Fabletics, which elevated Adam and Don’s success even further.


Fabletics is the stylish exercise clothing most if not all on Facebook and Twitter have seen advertised in the margin of their web browser. What many do not realize is the effect that Don and Adam had with their behind the scene creativity on this particular brand. Working alongside Kate Hudson, they applied their innovative, customer oriented techniques, which served so well before, to this problem set. They identified key issues to consumers such as the difficulty in finding affordable, stylish plus size exercise clothing, and geared their business toward making them more available. The result was an incredible excess of one million members to their service since 2013, with a steadily growing market.

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