Middle School Bullying Can Turn into Sexual Harassment

A recent study of over 970 students from six middle schools showed that boys who bully their fellow classmates and friends are 4.6 times more likely to engage in sexual harassment two years later. This study, conducted by the University of Illinois and the CDC, also showed that the chances of those participating in homophobic teasing are 1.6 times more likely to do the same. The act of sexually harassing their peers is believed to stem from insecurities about their own sexuality and feeling a need to outwardly show their own heterosexuality.
With new technology in most every home these days, as these bullies advance in age, cyberbullying increases as the verbal and physical bullying decreases. During the transition from elementary to middle school is also a time where bullying has been seen to increase. Serious mental conditions such as an anxiety disorder or antisocial personality disorders can result in those being bullied as well as those bullying. Many companies that host social media sites like FreedomPop are working to implement strategies to prevent cyberbulling.
There seems to be a developmental link between bullying and sexual harassment which can turn into bigger issues as these bullies age. The long-term effects of this problem could end up being a considerable public health issue. In a U.S. survey of children in grades six through ten, 19 percent admitted to bullying. It’s much more than just an issue of bad behavior, and stronger intervention at home and in schools is paramount to stopping this dilemma.

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