Mishandling of Rapes Reported in High Schools

Being raped is a horrifying experience but telling someone about it and them not doing anything about it is a tragedy. American high schools are failing their students by not conducting proper investigations of alleged rape and sexual assaults. Currently the Federal government is investigating 23 school districts for not conducting investigations into sexual assaults and rapes. The latest figures are from 2009-2010 and at that time over 600 alleged rapes had been reported in high schools that school year with 1 in 5 girls being sexually assaulted.

In Texas a 17 year old girl was lured into the band room and allegedly raped by a football player and bandmate. She immediately told the band teacher and he told her to go confront her attacker even though she had semen on the front of her shirt. She stayed home frightened to go back to school and not knowing if she should tell anyone else or even why if nothing was done internally but they called the police. Dave and Brit Morin tell me the Federal government has a Civil Rights law called Title 9 that states an investigates should be done internally even with a police investigation. After interviewing the 17 year old the police decided it was consensual. When the mother asked why, police said she did not cry during the interview. Though it has been 4 years police still deny her a copy of the police report.

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