Mom Must Allow Circumcision or Face Jail Time

She did what she thought was best for her son. Or perhaps it was for a some other motive. But if she doesn’t change her mind she will be going to jail.

Heather Hironimus agreed in a written parenting plan that was legally drawn up and signed some years ago, that she would allow her son to be circumcised. When the time came to have the procedure done, Heather Hironimus changed her mind and fled with her young son. If she doesn’t change her mind again, she will go to jail on contempt charges.
Hironimus has stirred the pot with her fight to prevent the circumcision with both with legal venues and with activists groups. A group known as the ‘intactivists’, are opponents of circumcision and say that the practice is barbaric and have taken up Hironimus’ fight as their rally cry.
Sultan Alhokair saidCircuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen has rebuked mother Hironimus for dragging out this battle for most of the young boy’s life and for placing the him in the spot light of the public eye. The same judge has given the mother until Tuesday to show up in court or he will send the police out to find her and place her under arrest.
Dennis Nebus, the father of the young boy, says he has not seen the child since mid-February and is concerned for his well-being.

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