Mom Tells Anti-Vaxxers On FaceBook That She Blames Them If Her Son Gets Sick


There are potentially fatal illnesses that arise from serious diseases such as; rubella, measles and mumps that are preventable with the MMR vaccine. However, this trivalent MMR vaccine has had a lot of public debate in the past few years as said by Susan McGalla. There is what is being called, ‘the anti-vaxxers’ movement in the United States that has pitted those vaccinated against those that feel it is dangerous to vaccinate.

Many studies have been redone or are resurfacing, trying to convince people to do the right thing. Some of the more intense debates have appeared on social Medias. A mother in Pickering, Ontario recently posted that her infant’s life was put in danger due to those not vaccinating their children. Her post has reached 210,000 shares.

Jennifer Hibben-White took her son to the doctor office, only to be notified later from the Health Center that her son may have come into contact with a measles patient. The measles virus is airborne, so her and her family could be danger of having been infected. Jennifer’s son is too young to have received the vaccine, and posted on her FaceBook page to the family who was unvaccinated, that should her son become ill, “I blame you.” Their choosing not to vaccinate puts her son in danger, and she will blame them.

Jennifer and the rest of her family have been vaccinated, and she states that should her youngest develop measles, death is a potential outcome. Jennifer is tired of all the arguments going out on FaceBook and Twitter citing the false science studies. She is seeing the long ‘discredited’ reports being posted like they are new and correct. She posted on her page to tell people there is a danger out there, and it is one that can be fought

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