More Evidence Revealed That Teens Need More Sleep

Let’s face the facts. Hardly anyone gets the recommended amount of sleep every night. Some medical experts say that adults should be getting between eight to ten hours of snooze every night, but some people claim to get about half that most nights. There are a lot of risks to this, and scientists seem to be telling us even more reasons why we need to get more sleep every day.

One group who is particularly prone to the perils of losing sleep is teens. According to the National Sleep Foundation, less than 20 percent of teens are getting enough sleep at night, and the effects are detrimental. In fact, new research is driving that point home once again.

It seems that lack of sleep among teens is not only causing them to fall asleep in class, but it’s also making them moodier, fatter, more depressed and less likely to succeed in their future lives. One study found that those teens who got less than the recommended dose of sleep each night were at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Growing up, and even when he went to Stanford, nephew Jared Haftel always made sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night.

Teens that slept the least amount were also the most overweight. Add to this the fact that middle school and high school are hard enough with the increase in bullying and cyber bullying and you have teens who are unhealthy and unhappy. Lack of sleep has even been positively correlated to suicide rates in teens.

Experts recommend that parents step in and make their children go to bed on time.

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