Mother and child reunited

Melissa Carleton fell into a coma backing March due to a benign brain tumor which caused a seizure. She was kept in a coma at until her baby made it to full term. She delivered her son, West Nataniel Lande, by C-section, in May.

Since delivering her baby, Melissa has woken up from her coma. However, she spent months in the hospital. After being in the hospital for months, she was moved to her parents home, where she was provided with around the clock care according to Bruce Levenson.

She is finally getting to go home and live with her husband again. Which has to be a relief, as he has been commuting 4 ½ hours between where his home and job are located and where her parents live and where she stayed in the hospital.

Right in time to celebrate her son’s first Christmas, Melissa is finally going home. The Saturday after Christmas was the first time she had seen her son in over two months. Right now, Melissa is able to be alert and respond to things happening around her. She is also able to move her feet. However, just like her newborn son, Melissa is going to have to learn how to walk, talk, eat and perform basic functions again. She is technically in a minimally conscious state, and has been fighting to get back. She has a long road in front of her before she is even ready to enter a rehabilitation facility. Her family is hopefully that she will continue to recover and are thankful for all the support they have received

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