NantHealth, Allscripts and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are Improving the Healthcare Challenges with Digital Databases

In collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts, the Cancer Center of America is making life easier by creating a digital solution for doctors and patients. With the new electronic health record being creating, it allows for patients and doctors to all be connected throughout the treatment process. Hundreds of various oncologists throughout the nation were involved in helping to create this process.

The use of Clinical Pathways is allowing for all of the basic treatment options that are appropriate for each patients to be held in one location. It will help to keep the guesswork from the various oncologists out and to keep the needed data in for each record.

Clinical Pathways has gathered all of the latest research on cancer for various treatment options, therapies which are showing beneficial to cancer patients and so much more. This helps to keep the different oncologists informed on what is showing promising for other patients. This helps to keep custom treatment plans in motion for all patients. The comparisons are able to be looked at in each study which helps the oncologists gather as much information as they need to create a good plan for their patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America first started working on this project in 2016 with Allscripts and NantHealth. With the careful analysis of all of the integrated work involved, a more solid solution is geared towards oncologists to help increase the chances that a patient can enter remission or increase their odds of living longer when cancer is a factor.

For Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they understand that each person who is affected by cancer is treated like their own case. For each patient, their level of cancer and the way it is handled is different from others and the Centers of America understands this and therefore comes up with their own plan for attack for each patient.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are using the best equipment for today and their own tools and technology which is used to fight each bout of cancer for each patient. For the team of experts at the centers, they use as much information as they gather without the invasive techniques and surgeries to get as much information as they need to create a goal for each patient. That is why they are the best in the nation when it comes to fighting cancer.

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